Free subscription of Association magazine “Goat & Sheep Journal” sent at active member’s registered address by post on regular basis.
Member free LOGIN facility at Association website where they can download restricted useful information.
Members can Tag their animals, take a picture of their Goats & Sheep, and either submit the digital picture in JPEG format to the State Chapter Office or directly upload at the members area. The Association has enrolled many registered national and International Animal Traders who would place an online bid for these animals. This would ensure higher price of your animals.
Members would be provided with maximum technical support to run their farm on commercial scale. This would include help on Feeding, Breeding, Vaccination and healthcare, Selection, Management, Manure management, sourcing of animals, etc.
Members would have free access to the members’ area where they can find and download useful information on various topics of successful farm management.
Members willing to set up farms under various government Schemes would be offered subsidized cost Project Reports (Rs. 7,500 – 15,000) depending on the size of the farm, receive a certificate from the Association of the authenticity of the project report. Technical questions asked by Banks would be answered by Technical Experts of the Association.
Member farmers would have the privilege to request the association to provide technical training to 2 persons nominated by them for their farms which would cover training to Farm Supervisors and Farm General Purpose Assistants.
At least one professionally run and managed Goat farm in each region would be adopted as the Regional Training Centre managed by the Association. The Association would send people for professional trainings at these farms. The member farmers would receive a suitable sum per trainee basis on each training. A minimum 4 training sessions would be organized per year with a trainee batch size of 15 – 20 persons.
Association through its State Chapters would address problems faced by existing small to medium scale farmers and take up the issue with the State departments.
Members would be invited to all National level Goat & Sheep events organized by the Association with free pass to attend all events for general public as well as events with invitations.
In all such events, members would receive discounts on Stalls run or managed by the Association which would cover Food, Snacks and publications.
In every subscription of Association magazine, story of one farmer of a State would be published under featured page “Our Members” with brief biography and photograph.


No annual subscription required.
Listing as an Office bearer in the State Chapter.
Membership in the Core Group National Committees formulated by the Association to represent at various Ministries and Departments of Union Government of India.
Listing of the name as Life Member on all magazines / Website / Event Directories.
Enlistment as a Professional Trainer in the Association registry recognized by HRD Ministry.
Invitation at selective Industry interaction meets / government representations / seminars / exhibitions held on National level.
Privilege to attend International on invitation subsidized tariff events on Goats & Sheep (at your own cost)
Access to Association online information bank.
Free life subscription of Association’s magazine “Goat & Sheep Journal”
Printing of biography with picture in Association magazine’s featured column “KNOW ABOUT OUR LIFE MEMBERS”. To be printed in Alphabetic order of names of all life members.
Chair a technical session of interest during various Seminars / Farmers Trainings / Symposiums, etc.
Tailor made Golden collar badges allowing 24X7 access to VIP sections / lounges with privilege to attend Lunches / Dinners with Guest of Honors.
Adoption of Life Member’s farm as a regional Skill Development cum Training Centre with Ministry of HRD approved training material supplied by the Association. Payment of standard per unit Trainee cost by the Association to the Life Member’s farm.
Listing of the Life Member’s farm as a recognized Skill Development cum Training Centre at the Association website.
All other rights of an ordinary member