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1250,000 raised towards our 20000,000 goal

Campaign Details

The 2015 campaign is focused on supporting the Goat & Sheep farming sector through skill development, training, supply of animals and community farms establishment .

We need to raise 200 Lakh

Small bovine sector is the second largest source of food safety and economic sustainability for the rural masses of India. Our small bovine wealth is phenomenal but in absence of support infrastructure like Training & Skill development, rural finance, veterinary support, backward and forward linkages, etc., the sector has remained on the backfoot for long. Contrary to existence of so many bottlenecks, most of the landless, marginal farmers and economically weak rural families still rear Goats or Sheep, as it provides them a cushion acting as ATM's....., "Any Time Milk", "Any Time Meat" or "Any Time Money".
We have taken up the noble cause and decided to identify 1000 rural families based on merit. The Association would support in formations of Self Help Groups (women/unemployed youth), supply parent stock for breeding, provide necessary training, support in setting up of community based Goat / Sheep farms, Skill development in farm management practices and establish forward linkages on their behalf.
This effort would directly support 1000 economically deprived families and indirectly generate employment for over 5000 rural youth.

Location: M.P., C.G., Telangana


We want Volunteers and local NGO's to work with Us !

The challange is big due to a vast geographical spread of the initiative in 3 major States of India. This we can not accomplish on our own. We invite Volunteers (individuals as well as NGO's) to come forward and join hands with us in the noble cause. We would provide direct support to you through Trainers training, finance and support infrastructure.

Responsibilities & Requirements

  • Conduct site visits in order to assess project function, verify reporting information and take photos
  • Provide timely updates and feedback to the Project Head or Team Leader through regular progress reports
  • Coordinate all logistics leading up to and during deployment of the initiative.

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